Hello, I work at Spotify and my name is Oskar Stal (Oskar Stål in Swedish). I'm just popping up here to tell you who I am. I was born and raised in a suburb east of Stockholm in Sweden, so yes I am a burb-guy like most of the people I know in Stockholm. My burb is in the archipelago (see below) so I very much like the water, ocean and boats.

I have lived in Stockholm all my life but one year (1998-99) when I lived on the Balboa peninsula in southern California.


Today I live in a loft apartment in the center of Stockholm together with my beautiful wife and lovely little daughter. She is a blond little wild one who just runs around the apartment making a mess, currently I call her the flea. (Update: I now have 2 little lovely daughters)

I work close by the office in the center of Stockholm so during most days I stay within a 15 minute radius in the center of Stockholm. (Update: we have moved office but we're still in central Stockholm. Will change the picture soon)

During the weekend we spend a lot of time out in the countryside. My wife's parents has a lovely place south of Stockholm named Tradgardsnaset. It's by the lake with sauna, horses and lot's of trees.

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Yesterday my little angel got her first tricycle and she was peddling like crazy all over the lawn. We spend considerable time practicing how to drag it up and down the stairs. On of many important things you must learn in life...

Right now it's summer in Sweden and I just need to talk a little about why the Swedish summer is soooo nice. The main thing is the temperature. It's really nice and warm and you can walk outside wearing just a t-shirt, no freakin jacket or thick sweater. At the same time it's not as hot as most places around the globe, meaning it's actually nice to be outside. No need to find the closest AC, no need to spend your time hunting for a cool shopping-mall. You can just calmly walk the streets and enjoy the sun!

You can reach me on email at the large Google email service. My user name is my first name, dot my second name with the english spelling.

October 2013 and I'm visiting San Francisco. This is a really amazing city, definitely one of my most favorite place.

The above is a view from one of my friends place, really amazing. Thanks for the lovely dinner. I have been here for a week and during that week I have visited the following technology companies: Netflix, Google, Square, Palantir, Salesforce, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

The above is the painting from the main lobby at Facebook. The office is filled with these amazing graffiti's.

This flamingo eating dinosaur is from the park at Googleplex Mountain View.

I also spent some time in our own San Francisco office. It's a small office with about 20 people. But the office is really cool. In fact, I think it's our coolest office among the once I have visited. We have a great team working there and they have a nice vibe going in that amazing office. Below is the office building which by the way is above the Warfield Theatre.

During the weekend I had an amazing time. On Saturday I hung out with my colleagues and we drove to around north of the city. Among other things we managed to catch this beautiful sunset.

On Sunday I was walking around town with my friend Krille. It was sunny, hot and really nice. All and all an amazing weekend in San Francisco...


X-MAS BREAK 2013/2014
The last couple of months was pretty rough both at work and in my personal life. As you can see in this picture it was too much at times. At this particular occasion I found myself wearing different socks...

The weather has been awful. No snow in sight only rain rain and rain again. It's been very warm for being X-mas and it's all just weird. Because of the rain and lack of snow it has been very dark. We have had really nice sunsets but it rarely gets light outside.

During the break I have been taking a long walk almost every day. This is likely just a sign of me getting old... But it's really nice to get out and about and it's also really nice to get some slight exercise every day. Below is one of the destinations I have been walking to a couple of times.


Hey, it's Oskar Stal (or Stål) and I'm having a wonderful summer! It's very hot and my two little princesses seem very happy. They play all the time - with toys - with each other - with friends and with me. The only time they are not happy is at bedtime. Trying to get them to sleep hasn't been easy this summer...


We rented a little lovely boat for two weeks. Unfortunately we just returned it so I'm not sure how to spend hot days without a boat. But during the two weeks we went on a lot of nice day-trips to various restaurants, islands and friend's country-houses. Some time in the future we will own our own boat I'm sure...


One evening we packed the kids in blankets and took the boat out to the very outer archipelago by the ocean. You can see the horizon in the background. The water was all calm and we cruised between rocky islands in the sunset. These waters normally has rough sea but this evening it was all calm. It was the most beaitiful evening experience.


The sunset was very special that evening on the sea.

One of the most fun things this summer was our visit to Vimmerby and Astrind Lindgren. We went there with two other families and the kids really loved it. My oldest daughter kept chasing Pippi Longstocking for hours. So I can really recommend going there with a four-year-old. We also went to the farm where the Emil movies were shot. The farm was really beautiful and below you can see Emil's house.

Oskar Stal (or Stål) just have to show you the picture of this crazy old oak from Smaland. They say it's 1000 years old and that it's the oldest tree in Northern Europe. It really looks like a crazy old lady and I can just imagine it coming to life during dark nights...